My Tryst with Pranic Healing

I succumbed to hokum (yes, I borrowed this from TBBT) a few days ago, as I used to call it a earlier. Now, I haven’t made my mind as to what the whole routine comprises.

When I learnt about the term, because a relative of mine had been taking sessions for quite a serious ailment. This surprised me, because when I read up what the whole  thing was, it seemed exactly what I called it earlier. Hokum. The demo videos hardly helped.

Yet, when I was asked to drive him to the pranic healing center, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by what the practitioners had to offer. So instead of just sitting there for an hour and watching these people wave at air using what they claimed to crystal sticks helpful to the body, I borrowed a book from them and proceeded to read about the first four chapters of the book.

Now before I go further, I would just like to mention that I am not endorsing, nor am I rejecting this practice in any manner. You guys make up your own minds.

The book told me, and this was reiterated by the lead healer when I asked him, that the human body consisted of an exterior self, in addition to the physical body that we speak of. This is primarily governed by chakras, and there 11 in total (differing from the 7 chakras otherwise claimed). These control everything from one’s psychological, physical to one’s sexual aspects. The balance between chakras is very vital, it says. This reminded me a lot of Naruto though, which also seems to borrow a lot from this concept of metaphysical existence.

When they scanned me, they told me that my thoughts were not organized and that my brain was hyperactive to a dangerous extent. I knew this to be true, given that my anxiety often leads the way to insomnia.

So I went ahead and got something called ‘Crystal Healing’ done. I was told to lay done, and stones/crystals were placed on different locations over my body, while the healer proceeded to wave the air around me claiming to heal my chakras. I imagine I looked like the images on billboards for spas displayed everywhere.

Afterwards, I was told that my chakra imbalance was immense, and meditation would have to be a part of my daily exercise routine. He told me certain things about my life that were either really, really good guesses, or he was actually a good healer. I just cannot dismiss the entire thing as a bluff.

I will just have to wait and see the effects of the session before I manage to form an opinion about it. For those of you who are still wondering, go ahead and try a session. It may quell your curiosity, if not anything else.


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