The INDIAN-feriority Complex!

-I am watching the El Classico when my dad comes from behind and stares into the TV. Probably just to check out what I am watching, and to ensure if it is not Baywatch. He joins me, and thirty minutes later, at the end of the match, quips “Wah. We Indians can never play this way.”

Now here is what annoys me. We tend to make this judgment without bloody TRYING!

Perhaps it could be blamed on the centuries of colonial rule when the British literally, not figuratively, broke our spirits and not just our backs. Or maybe on the crushing poverty we have had to endure for years, also courtesy the British. Or even the squalor of politicians (‘leaders’), who have been grossly inefficient at helping our vast nation achieve our true potential. But somehow, we have gone from being can-doers to can-notters.

The generation over me, especially the ones born just after independence, seemed to have nurtured this culture that Indians are only good for particular kind of roles. And a lot of us, even people in my generation, the generation-Xs and what nots, seemed to be influenced by it still.

The following comments are reminiscent of this IndianFeriority complex:

  • Hum me kahan firangiyon jitni jaan hai?
  • Goron jaise hum nhi bana sakte…
  • Tu Indian hai, apni aukaat me reh
  • Yeh firangi jaise sapne na dekh, desi khwaab dekh

It is fucking ridiculous that we still haven’t been able to overcome this.

Are we good for nothing but call centers? Can we only play cricket? Will it be forever our fate to work for Japanese and American companies?

A lot of us seem to have this idea that we’re a genetically inferior species. But as India progresses, we seem to be negating this idea, in bits and pieces. As India grows in sports, science and business, I hope we start realizing that it is more about the environment, and not the color of the skin.

If we are to truly achieve great, this self-imposed curfew may be our biggest hindrance yet. And no one can help us fight it but us.


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