Hypocrisy of the West (2/2)

Taking it on from where I left it the last time…

Human Development Index: Probably the most blatant instances of hypocrisy are found here.

Post the world wars, the west went on a holier-than-thou rampage. As if ignoring the 300 years of slavery they inflicted upon a majority of the world, they constantly patronized the developing countries, citing the downfall of human development indices that they themselves were responsible for. The colonial times robbed us of a good century or so when former colonies like the US, Australia and Canada built their societies.

Britain’s divide and rule policy that placed a strong, and I’d say a permanent divide between religions, which persists till this day, castes, and skin colors, have served as breeding grounds for the rogue inequalities and inconsistencies that plague our society today. The uncouth and uncultured British managed to uproot our society and form theirs.

As a result, India lags a modest 30-50 years behind the other developed countries in the world. A literal push back in time. Thanks England.

The industrial revolution of India was not crushed only once but twice: once before world war 1 and once after it. The industrialization of Britain, on the contrary, was funded by Indian blood money.

Science & Technology: When there are no funds, there is no progress. It is not a consequence that most of the Indian inventions and discoveries happened during India’s golden years (before 10th century AD) and most of the revolutionary scientific advancements of the late 17th, 18th and 19th centuries took place in Europe. These were regimes in their primes, respectively. It is foolish to think that money has nothing to do with it. And by relieving us of our money, the British also relieved us of our scientific prowess.

While we are seeing a resurgence of the same now from China and India, there is a lot left for us to do.


Perhaps the worst part of this all, leaving aside history is that the children in today’s west aren’t told what their ancestors did wrong. Their moral compass, from context of repentance, is unfixed and broken, courtesy their corrupt forefathers. And these people have the audacity to preach humanity to us.

In the end I wish we would all give in to the words ‘Everything that happens, happens for the best’, but some wrong doings do need a correction. A few words of apologies would go a long way.



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